7 easy steps to get your closet organized for Spring

Spring is my FAVORITE season. What’s not to love? Warmer weather and longer days are great and all, but my favorite part of Spring are the fashion and beauty trends aka: bright pink lipstick is socially acceptable again. With the changing of seasons for me that means a lot of Spring cleaning. Winter stuff goes away, Spring and Summer stuff comes out. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning out my closet. It was really pathetic. I had clothes allover my room, some of which clothes I haven’t worn in years. I’m a pack rat and have the worst time getting rid of anything. My closet here at school isn’t very big, so imagine a closet packed so full that you can hardly look through it to find a shirt because everything is packed so tight. I realized I didn’t just need to put the winter stuff away, but I also needed to get rid of a lot of it. So. Not only did I get rid of a lot of clothes, but I also color coordinated my closet (clothes + shoes) for Spring. Yes I am that person and no I am not ashamed because it looks like a rainbow and I can happily stare at it and be proud.Basically my life and closet are a hot mess in the Fall and Winter but I get it together for Spring and Summer.Here are 7 easy steps on how I get my closet organized for Spring!Empty out that closet!“Oh she ain’t messin around” – dedicated sass room readerI don’t just mean exchange your Winter and Spring wardrobe. Like actually take everything out of your closet. All of it. Don’t you dare leave any evidence behind. Don’t give me that stank face you will thank me later. Remember the Golden RuleDisclaimer: This is not actually the Golden Rule, but today it isOnce you get all of your Winter clothes and shoes out, go through and separate them into piles. One pile for clothes you’ve worn in the past 3, 6, or 12 months, and one pile for the ones you haven’t worn in longer than 12 months. It is time to learn to let go.  Pro tip: Have a bottle of wine for this part. I know you have some clothes that have been taking up wasted space in your closet for several years now. Donate it, sell it, hand me down it, whatever. Put into storage tubs the Winter clothes and shoes you will wear again next year.Repeat with the Spring ClothesDon’t forget the ruleNow you have your Spring wardrobe to deal with. If you haven’t already, go through your Spring clothes and shoes and decide what you know you will wear and what you won’t. You already know what to do with the leftovers. Pro tip 2: Get a second bottle of wine if you need it. Make sure you have the right toolsTime to get down to businessI’m talkin about hangers,  pant + skirt hangers, shoe organizers, and whatever else you need to get your ish together. This is the part where you can get as fancy as you want. Don’t you love the control? The possibilites? I keep my closet at school pretty simple. I don’t get fancy no-slip hangers because expensive? I don’t have a need for a shoe organizer right now, but they look pretty nice! However, I do have pant and skirt hangers which are really handy when you have a lot of clothes. Takes up less space and they are all right there together. I get mine from Walmart. Here and hereTime for some color coordinationWork, work, work, work, work + some other words that sounds like jibberish but its okay because it’s Riri and she can do what she wants This part is going to take the longest, but in my opinion is the best part of all! I start by separating clothes by sleeve length. Tanks + sleeveless, short sleeve, 3 quarter length, and long sleeve. Get everything separated and then start with one color. On the far left side I put my neutral tones in first. Start with all of your neutral colored tanks + sleeveless and put them in your closet. Next go in your short sleeve neutral, then 3 quarter length, then long sleeve. Next I do my corals, then pinks. Followed with my reds, bright greens, then blues, whites, greys, and lastly, blacks. Normally you would put your neutrals closer to your whites, greys, and blacks, but I put these on opposite ends for a reason. I didn’t these colors to overpower my bright Spring pieces. If I would have done it that way, half of my closet would be me looking at neutral, white, grey, and black. This way, when I look at my closet I’m seeing my pinks, bright greens, and blues the most. Much more enticing to the eye for Spring! Lastly, I put my skirts and pants on hangers and put them after all my black pieces!Onto the shoesYou are almost at the finish lineMost of my shoes for Spring are neutral colored I’ve realized, besides one pair of black converse. I would organize my shoes by color then type first (If I had other colors). I have my closet set up by booties first, wedges, heels, then flats. My tennis shoes and converse are in a corner you can’t really see that well (they are the least pleasing to look at). Just a few reminders…Because your’e worth itSome of you may use your closets for additional storage space for things that are not clothes and shoes, stop it! That is not what that space is meant for! Carrie Bradshaw would be so ashamed in you. Find other storage for your Christmas decorations, and whatever else you are hoarding that you probably don’t need. Your closet is meant to look like a clean organized goddess looking like heaven. You invest good money in your clothes and shoes, give them a space of their own. Plus, you might need that space for all the pieces you will add to your collection this year!Also, there is a method to my madness. While the main reason I color coordinate my closet is because i’m psycho OCD about it, there is another good benefit of doing so. I have realized what I do and don’t need. By going through every single piece in my closet I can see what colors and patterns I buy the most of. For example, my closet is mostly neutral and blue. As far as patterns go, I usually buy solid colors. My goal for this Spring is to add some pastel pieces (not in the color blue) to my closet, and to play with some bright shoe colors. I ususally don’t ever buy patterns but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone this Spring and try some!Happy organizing!– Rach xo


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