Blowouts + Boho v i b e s

I have really been trying to amp up my dress game lately, especially now that I have started my internship again. Gotta have cute clothes to sit in an office all day right? I have always kept my style pretty simple, but I am changing it up and experimenting with different trends. The boho look has always been a favorite of mine, but not exactly in my comfort zone. I recently bought this dress during a Francesca’s online sale (blessssssss). I love that store so much! You won’t believe me when I say this dress was $20. *gasp* right? What a steal I thought, which is the main reason why I took a leap and bought it! This story gets better…. You might be even more surprised that this dress is on sale even more now at $15. As if we would complain about the $20 price tag?! You can click here for a link to get this dress for yourself!And here’s a link to my shoes as well! They are so comfy!*hint* They still have all sizes available.Also, how cute are the bell sleeves on this dress! I am seeing these everywherelately and I ain’t mad about it. *Lovingly looks at coffee because it is the greatest gift from above* I also have been trying to step it up in the hair department lately. I have very curly and unruly hair. Darn hair gods did NOT bless me. I have never been good at managing it, or for doing any type of hair style for that matter so I usually end up slappin some hair gel on and calling it a day. Yikes. I was up until 2am the other night watching Drybar videos on how to do a blowout so I have been practicing lately! It’s not perfect YET, but I’m going to do a post on it as soon
as I figure out the best way to achieve the

I-just-woke-up-with-voluminous-Victoria’s-Secret-model-hair look.
– xo Rach


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