But First, Lipstick

My favorite part of any season is, lipstick. Honest. I have a rotation of different lipsticks I wear for each season. It is so pathetic, not ashamed though.I feel like I’ve always been the go-to girl my friends went to when they were in makeup trouble, and especially, lipstick trouble. (Because I have like 30 to choose from). Friday nights in my sorority house were busy for me because I would have to help my sisters with their makeup before we went out. I loved every single second!Here is a small collection of my favorite lipsticks for the summer months.Yes, they are all shades of pink because I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything else.Enjoy, loves.MAC | SnobThis has been my go-to everyday lip of choice lately. It makes blue eyes pop so much! I am not a huge fan of the formula of MAC lipsticks because they are so drying, but the satin and cremesheen lines are not at all! Snob is a neutral light pink satin. It’s the perfect pop of pink that is appropriate for day and night. I only wear this in the summer because I personally just don’t think it goes any other time! MAC | Creme CupUgh, this was my first ever non-drugstore lipstick I got when I was 17, so it’s very near and dear to my heart. I have been through at least 5 tubes of this color! It is my favorite in the summer, but you can wear it all year around! It is a light pink with a blue undertone cremesheen finish. It is very creamy on the lips and the blue undertone makes your teeth look more white! It is a perfect everyday lip color if you are wanting something very basic, like for work! You can tell in the picture how light it is. If you like the sheer type of lipstick,the MAC brand shades are really nice!Maybelline Colorsensational | Blushing BudI am the #1 fan of the Maybelline Colorsensational lip line. I have at least 10, which actually isn’t that many, but to me it is! You can’t beat a $6 price tag along with it being a good product! They have great staying power, are creamy, and are very pigmented! This shade is perfect for summer if you love a neutral pink with a pinkish brown undertone. I reach for this shade when I’m looking for a neutral pop of color that’s just a little darker than Creme Cup!Urban Decay Vice | CrushOh, HEY. My oh my is this shade gorgeous or what? Pretty sure this can be seen on the lips from a mile away. It’s the most electric hot pink i’ve seen in a while. This is my favorite kind of pink because I just look at it and think, that. is. me. I have so many shades of hot pink that I walked around Ulta for like 20 minutes with Nathan asking him, “Do I really need this? Do I? What will I wear it with?” Not that I needed justification, I just have a bit of buyers remorse when buying hot pink lipsticks sometimes. I only have 6. Happy ending, I don’t regret the purchase at all! It’s perfect for weekends and nights out. I personally wear it for work…but that’s not everyone’s style.What are your favorite lipstick shades for summer? “Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting.”-xo Rach


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