Feeling Floral for Summer

Floral is a huge summer trend. Apparently it’s such a trending thing that I get multiple emails a day about how I should be wearing it. If this is the first time you are hearing about this, then I suggest you check your emails. I am someone who never experimented much with patterns and kept my wardrobe pretty basic for a long time. However, I have been trying to go out of the box from my normal style and try new things.  I wasn’t too fond of the floral trend at first, but I have found a few pieces that I really love! This Free People dress being my absolute favorite. Best part aside from it being on trend?It’s on s a l e and available in my color and several others at a few retailers! (You can see how the sleeves of this dress are literally so huge that this pic looks kinda funny 🙂 )Dress: Free People |Also Available Here |Shoes: ASOSI highly recommend this dress! I have seen this dress on several other girls and looks great on all body types. I saw this on a woman who is 6 months pregnant and it looked amazing on her. It’s so flowy and comfortable that it really does work for everyone! I plan on incorporating this into my Fall wardrobe so it’s also very versatile!Free People sizes tend to run a little large. I bought this in a size small and while it fits everywhere, it is a little big in the arms and waist. I would recommend taking your measurements before purchasing to make sure your normal size is the right one!  Just a thought to keep in mind. 🙂What are your favorite ways to stay on the floral trend this summer?Enjoy!– Rach xo5e7c142e176030d97310494ce3e02ed010b6596f5d489798c7


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