Getting Through the Bad Stuff

So you had a bad day…..Sometimes life is hard. Really hard. and sometimes it just plain sucks. We’ve all been there. Everyone has bad days! However, we manage to get through them, but do we do this the right way? Is there a right way? Do you just simply “get through it” and wait for tomorrow to get here and then you’re cured? Maybe, but that’s not healthy and I think there’s a better way to deal.Here’s some tips on how to get through the bad stuff.Don’t ignore your feelings | I think too often we have a bad day and we get stressed and we try to fight that feeling so we get even more stressed. Sound familiar? Let yourself actually feel what you’re feeling. Give yourself some time to feel all of that stress or frustration, and then when your time is up it’s time to move on and work towards a solution. Don’t be dramatic | A lot of times when we are really worked up about something, we tend to be really dramatic about the situation. I’m the literal queen of this. I get so caught up in being angry that I make situations seem bigger than they actually are. It’s hard in the moment to fight these feelings, but relax! Breathe and take some time to reflect on the situation before you dramatize the event. Leave | Leave whatever space you are in that is overwhelming you. Some people may call this running away from the problem, but I disagree. I think it’s a good thing to get away from that space for a little while and go somewhere that calms you down. Do something that makes you happy | Puppy videos. No one is sad while watching puppy videos. Whether it’s calling a friend, a little retail therapy, a bubble bath, a good run, anything that will give you some sort of comfort in your situation, do it. I think this is a given, but it really does help to focus your attention on something else for a little while.Be thankful | Believe it or not, good things can come from a bad day. Lessons learned. Personal growth. That kind of stuff. Everyday isn’t going to be a good day. If we didn’t have some bad days, how could we appreciate the good ones? Always thank your bad days.Leave the bad day behind | Don’t dwell on your bad day, the day after. It can be easy to worry about going into the next day, but don’t do it! Leave your bad day in the past, and enjoy the present. You are in control of your feelings, don’t let your feelings control you.How do you get through bad days?– xo Rach 


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