How I Get Glowing For Spring

For the past few years I have REALLY been struggling with my acne. It’s something I never dealt with much in my teenage years. After all those years of thinking I got out lucky, as soon as I turned 20, it hit me. Hard. I tried every drugstore and high end product you could think of, including going to a dermatologist, nothing helped. My skin was dull, oily, red, and acne took over my chin, hairline and jaw. It wasn’t cute.I was so jealous of people who could wear light water based foundations and highlighters that made them have the most beautiful glowing skin. I tried this out sever times and my skin looked like a gross greasy oil slick. However, over time I learned and researched how to take control and get my skin back.Here are some tips to how I get glowing skin!1. Rodan + Fields Micro-dermabrasion PasteHaving a good skin care regimine can make all the difference. This paste has changed my skin and I’ve only used it a handful of times in addition to my new skincare regimine. (blog post on that coming soon) This can be used by all skintypes, but is espeically nice for oily skin people because it is oil-free! It is very gentle on the skin so it works well even if you have really sensitive skin. I had some texture issues around my nose area and on my cheeks, and this paste cleared it right up. It has made my skin brighter and the smoothest it’s ever been! I have been going makeup free to school a lot lately, and have had several people comment on my skin!2. Natural HighlighterHighlighter is my favorite product for Spring and Summer. While a lot of people tend to go for the super sparkley highlighters (Becca brand), I think the natural ones look so much better. Being someone who used to have really oily skin, highlighters with a lot of sparkle tend to highlight the oil and don’t flatter. I have played with, but do not own, yet, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette several times and it’s so so beautiful. It doesn’t have any glitter in it, but instead is composed of high-tech photoluminescent technology to filter out harsh lighting to reflect a soft focus on the skin. Doesn’t that sound so divine? So natural looking on the skin! To get them to really stand out, I would spray my highlighting brush with a little MAC fix+ before applying! 3. Luminous FoundationA luminous foundation is a must for Spring. I just tried this foundation for the first time and I am absolutely in love! Since my skin has recently changed over to normal/dry I had no idea what kind of foundation to look for. After browsing around Sephora long enough trying to find something that didn’t cling to my dry patches, hallelujah I found the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I love luminous and dewy foundation because it brings out your skins natural glow. It also feels so soft and light, so it’s like i’m not even wearing makeup. This one is light to medium coverage so you can build it up a little. A perfect foundation for everyday! Loving this one lots more than my Too Faced Bare Skin. 4. Light BronzerI am not really into the contoured look for Spring. Spring is all about looking fresh and dewy, and it’s hard to do that when you contour because contouring is not natural looking! Instead, in the Spring I opt for a lighter bronzer. These are perfect for achieving a sun kissed glow without that summer tan! MAC’s Give Me Sun! is an oldie but a goodie and I’ve used it pretty much allover my face at some point or another. It can be used around your hairline, a little in the hollows of your cheekbones, or even as a highlight, eyeshadow, lip, anywhere! Works very well with fair to medium skin tones.5. Bronze EyeshadowUgh, I just want to live in this eyeshadow palette. These colors are like a glamorous neutral tone lovers dream. aka me. I am really upset that this is out of stock right now because I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I haven’t seen another palette more perfect for Spring than this one! I’m not saying you need to get this one, but it’s a perfect example of Spring tones for your eyes to make look even more glowing! Right now I am using a lot of my Naked2 palette because it has some similar colors.6. Hydrating Primer/MoisturizerI just got my hands on this primer and holy heck, it’s amazing. Since I have recently been battling with dry skin, due to a skincare regimine change, this stuff has saved my makeup. I never used to wear primer because I thought it was a pointless prodcut, but I have come to realize that a hydrating primer is a must for those who suffer with dry skin. I tried hydrating foundations alone, but I still found it clinging to my dry patches. I use this with my new NARS foundation and it makes my skin look so dewy and fresh. I can feel the hydration from this primer all day long! New fav product. What are some of your favorite tips or prodcuts to get glowing for Spring?– Rach xo


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