I can't be defined by one lipstick

I really love lipstick. I have 30+ shades, and I have probably worn 10 of them. Lipstick for me helps express my mood and my personality. I dont care about what season it is, if it’s 30 degrees and I’m feelin myself I’m wearing Candy-yum-yum lipstick that day (it’s hot pink). 

I don’t know why I do this, but when I think of my friends I categorize them by MAC lipstick shades. Is that so weird? Ugh, probably. For example, my best friend is a Creme Cup (a pinky nude). I think of her as this shade because she is very classy and girly. Although this is a neutral color, this color is not easily pulled off. It’s unique. 

I never thought about what shade of lipstick I am until I created this blog. I sat for an embaressing amount of time yesterday going through all my lipsticks trying to pick the one that best described me, when I realized I don’t think I am just one. Some days when I’m feelin edgey I see myself as a Heroine (bright purple). Days when I am feelin sassy I’m a Candy-yum-yum (hot pink). Some days I’m feelin casual and I see myself as a Creme Cup (pinky nude). 

What does your lipstick say about you? Can you describe yourself as one, or do you see yourself as a mix of several?

-xo Rach


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