Life Update + Getting Cozy for the Chicago Winter

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Happy Tuesday, babes! I can’t believe that in 3 days I am officially making my move up to Chicago. After spending most of my weekends in Chicago, I have been so anxious to move here. I wouldn’t say I’m from a small town, but Decatur, Illinois is nothing like Chicago. I have already started making several tough adjustments. From learning how to share a tiny closet with Nate, maximizing the space in a 700 sq. ft. apartment, cooking for two, to walking to the grocery store, er..walking EVERYWHERE really, I am adjusting, but it hasn’t been the easiest.

For starters, I love decorating and I am having the best time decorating our first place together. However, Nate doesn’t quite understand why I need to have fuzzy blush pink pillows on our bed and hot pink flowers on my coffee table. Learning how to incorporate both of our styles is not easy, but I love making this place “ours”.



I also really struggle with the space issue. I have several pieces of furniture I would love to put in our living room, but they just don’t fit. It gets frustrating, because you have to really plan ahead. For example, I couldn’t buy a bookcase before I knew the TV stand I was going to get. They both have to fit on the same wall, and I don’t like the cluttered look! So far, this place is coming together so nicely and I can’t wait to give you all a tour when it’s finished!


Amidst of all the frustration that comes with moving to a new place, especially in an unfamiliar city, something that has perked me up is how beautiful Chicago is during the holidays. Nathan and I went out for my photoshoot the other morning and it was snowing so beautifully in Millennium Park. The Christmas tree was all lit up, Christmas music was playing, and families were skating at the outdoor rink in the park. I loved seeing all of the families look like they were having the best time. That moment I realized how happy I was to be in the city and I needed to chill out about the stress that comes with moving. There was never much of anything to do in hometown, and I feel really blessed to get to spend the next couple of years up here experiencing something new.

I cannot wait to show you guys my new city.

In the meantime, I will be LIVING in this new cardigan I got from Target. It makes every outfit cozy, and was worth every bit of money I spent on it. Lucky for you guys, it’s on sale right now at Target! Basically, buy one in every color.


 Chat soon, loves!
xo, Rachel


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