Living Life to the Fullest with vitaminwater zero squeezed lemonade

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Flashback 2 years ago and I was living in Decatur IL, going to school, teaching, and living a very simple life. My days consisted of school work, teaching a class, working out, cooking dinner, watching TV, and going to sleep. I didn’t go out or go on trips. Very unusual for a 22 year old. During that time, my world was really thrown for a loop when my fiancé got an opportunity in downtown Chicago. While it’s no secret that I wasn’t excited for the move, once I got to Chicago, I quickly fell in love with this incredible city. I also realized how I really wasted a lot of time living the most uninteresting life in Decatur. I mean, if I ever did anything exciting in Decatur it had to be planned way in advance and had to be on the weekend, because there was no way I was doing anything during the week!

Our lives changed for the better, and I’m so glad we made this move. Moving to the city forced us to branch out and do things we never would have before. Literally because we were living right in the middle of everything! We started exploring, going out for happy hour during the week, going to a movie in the park, catching all the local festivals, and whatever else we could find! It’s funny how a change of scenery can make you realize how much you previously took life for granted. There was plenty to do in my hometown, and I don’t know why I didn’t take advantage.


Maybe you don’t live in a big city like Chicago, but I would like to think that every town has something great about it. I think it’s easy to fall into these ruts where you feel like you can’t live your life during the week, and that activities have to wait until the weekend. Moving to Chicago and having a complete lifestyle change has made me realize that you don’t have to wait until the weekend to have a little fun, and you’ll feel better all around if you try to live your life to the fullest every day. Life is too short to wait til the weekend! Now that we are moving back to Decatur, we definitely plan to keep up our active lifestyle and stay busy during the week!

I encourage all of you to live your life to the fullest everyday by branching out and doing something you’ve never done before. Get out and explore your town! Try a new coffee shop, take a hike, catch a happy hour after work with friends, go see a band, DO SOMETHING,  and don’t wait until the weekend to do it. Make the time. You’ll be surprised at how much your area has to offer.

Since we’ve started a more active lifestyle, it’s been really important for us to stay hydrated along the way! vitaminwater zero squeezed lemonade has been our go-to lately when we are running from sitting in traffic, the gym, to brunch, to exploring a new neighborhood, and ending the day with dinner and a movie in the park! vitaminwater’s electrolytes and and vitamins give us all day hydration while helping us cut back on the sugar! I’ve never been a fan of plain water (yeah weird I know), so vitaminwater zero squeezed lemonade is my perfect companion. The lemonade flavor has no sugar in it, but you’d be surprised at how sweet it is and how much it tastes like real lemonade! I’ll pick up several of these on my weekly Target run. You can find them in the drink aisle of the South Loop Target on the 1st floor.

vitaminwater is currently doing a Label Me A Winner sweepstakes! There are some really cool prizes like a trip to NYC or LA, the opportunity to have your label mass produced, and even $500 cash! Here’s how you enter:

  1. Go the the vitaminwater website
  2. Click on “start my label”

  3. Pick your favorite flavor (vitaminwater zero squeezed lemonade is my favorite!)
4. Write your own label! Get creative, make it whatever you want! Mine says ” Live your life to the fullest, everyday!”

5. Share your design on Twitter or Instagram using #vwlabelcontest

6. That’s it! You’re entered!

How are you living life the fullest?
xo, Rach


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  1. August 7, 2018 / 8:35 am

    Love this post! it’s true that we can let our lives pass us by at times so thanks for the boost to get up and live. #scsister

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