Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

Maybe you invest in nice makeup brushes or maybe you are fine with using brushes from the drugstore. Regardless, it’s so important to take good care of them! This wasn’t a post I was particularly planning on doing, but I feel like I talk to a lot of ladies who don’t realize that washing your makeup brushes makes a huge difference in the life of your brushes and also the quality of how well they apply your makeup.There are several reasons why you should wash your makeup brushes. If you don’t wash them, makeup will get built up within the bristles and bacteria can make them pretty gross. This isn’t something you will probably even notice! Even worse, when you apply makeup with dirty brushes it won’t apply the same and your skin can look super oily and…. you will breakout. a lot. 
Your brushes can even get so bad to the point where you can’t even clean them, and your only choice will be to replace them. Don’t waste money! Invest in good brushes and take good care of them. 

So now you know why you should wash your brushes now we need to discuss how often they need to be cleaned. Well, if you wear makeup everyday, I say don’t wait any longer than a couple of weeks. I try to wash mine weekly, but every two weeks is just fine. Also, if you apply makeup with a sponge or beauty blender, that needs to be washed every week. They hold makeup easier and get gross quicker than brushes will. 

Now that I’m done ranting like an overprotective mother on why you should wash your brushes, let get to the exciting and easy way of cleaning your brushes. (Bonus: This is done with a few household items you probably already have!)
The Goods: (I suggest doing this at a sink)– Dirty Brushes– Warm Water– Dawn Dish Soap– Hand TowelStep 1: Layout your dirty makeup brushes.Step 2: Take one of your brushes, hold it upside down under the running warm water to get the bristles wet. It’s important to wash the brush upside down because if you do it right side up the water will travel down the base of the brush and can make the parts of your brush loose. I once had a really nice makeup brush come apart because of this! Apply a little bit of Dawn dish soap to the bristles and massage the bristles into your hand to work it into a lather. Put the soapy brush under the water and squeeze the water out of the brush to get the makeup out. You will do this several times depending on how dirty your brush is. My powder and foundation brushes always take me the longest! Also, how fun is it to see all of that nasty makeup come out of your brushes?!Step 3: Repeat step 2 until the bristles on your brush are back to their normal color. In the picture below I tried to give an example of what that should look like. The right side of the brush is completely clean (as you can see the white bristles) and the left side needs washed another time because you can still see the yellow tint of makeup left behind.Step 4: When your makeup brush is finally clean, lay it out on a hand towel to dry. Do NOT wipe the brush bristles on the hand towel. It can ruin the shape of the bristles and we do not want to do that after we have just cleaned them! The brushes will take overnight to dry. I suggest doing it in late afternoon. I have done it late at night before and they weren’t dry in the morning. This is what your brushes will look like when they are all clean! They will be pretty wet, but the hand towel will soak up all the water overnight. Sometimes I rotate them onto the other side after several hours, but I don’t think it’s necessary to do this. Depending on the amount of makeup brushes you have, this could take a little bit of time! It’s worth it though because once your brushes are clean you will see how much better they apply your makeup. I will never buy expensive $20 brush cleaner again now that I’ve seen that a bottle of Dawn dish soap will clean them even better at a much less cost. (and yes it’s safe to put Dawn dish soap on your brushes in case you were wondering!) Hope you enjoyed!– xo Rach


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