Makeup Table Organization

I feel like this post is so long overdue! My makeup table is honestly my pride and joy and I am so happy to share it with you! It has been a long work in progress, and while I am still not totally finished it with it I think I am in a good spot to reveal what I’ve done so far!
I am all about affordability. I’ve seen the makeup tables of other bloggers and Youtubers and I used them as inspiration to create mine and make it my own…at a better price! Whether you are looking to get your own makeup table, or just give your area a little refresh I hope I can help!
Enjoy!Makeup tableFirst, lets talk about the actual table. I purchased this makeup table from IKEA for $170. I love how modern and sleek it is! It’s very easy to clean, I just have to lift the glass and clean under it and use glass cleaner on top of it. The table is great quality and I haven’t had any problems. The table has one drawer which is fine for now because my makeup collection isn’t huge…yet! I am considering adding some black stripes or polkadots to my table to make it more my style because white is just so bland and I need it to be bold and have some personality! If you are looking for something more affordable, I suggest this desk, it is the same look without the drawer! You could do some cute tabletop storage.Note: I did not put this table together. If I would have it would have been a disaster really quick. Sweet boyfriends are a blessing!Mirror
My mirror is also from IKEA and I purchased it for $30. I think it matches so perfectly with the modern look of my table and is the perfect size! You could always re-purpose a mirror you already have, but I didn’t have any old mirrors sitting around so I had to get a new one! Something fun I am thinking of doing is purchasing gold or black foil polka dot stickers and putting them on the border of my mirror. I think it could be
so cute especially if I redo my table!ChairI absolutely had to have this chair. There was just no compromising on something cheaper. I have seen it at kitchen tables, but I knew I needed it for my makeup table. It’s called the “ghost chair” and is from Amazon and I paid $80 for it. It comes in several colors, but the clear is my favorite. Throw a cute pillow on it and it’s finished!StorageI got all of my table top storage from TJ Maxx. There are tons of places you could get these lipstick and brush holders from, but TJ Maxx is where I found mine the cheapest! The lipstick holders were $5 a piece and the brush holder was $8. Acrylic storage is my favorite. It has the look of being expensive, even though it’s not. I eventually want to get one of the GlamBoxes so I can transfer some of my most used makeup to that. Plus, I like the idea of being able to see everything inside of it. Is that weird?
My perfume tray is from HomeGoods and it was $10. I love it! It’s so pretty and it goes with the overall theme of my table so well! HomeGoods is one of my favorite places to get things for the home. 

The inside drawer of my makeup table is nice and organized. It’s so satisfying. haha! I have a tray for my eyeshadows, blushes, powders, eye palettes, and a random tray for other products. I would have liked to have acrylic storage on the inside, but I didn’t think it was necessary since it’s hidden most of the time and the acrylic trays were like $15 a piece. The skinny long trays were just 97 cents for a pack of three! Major score. The square trays were $1.50 for a pack of three and the large tray with my eye palettes were almost $4. They were all found at Walmart!
Future plans include getting the Alex 9-drawer chest. At $130 it’s not cheap, but look at all of the makeup it will hold! Gotta think long term, and I know my makeup collection is just going to keep getting larger and larger. I also figured the large drawers at the bottom would be good at holding my hair products.ArtworkTo be honest, I am not super happy with the artwork around my makeup table. It used to be on the walls around my bed but when I got my table it was just so bland that I moved it all over. It’s pretty much just acting as a placeholder right now until I get new! I found some fashion and makeup illustrators that I really enjoy and am thinking about purchasing some of their sketches to put around the table. I think it would be so cute! Plus it’s unique and handcrafted. I’ll have to keep you guys updated on that! The artwork currently around my table is all from Hobby Lobby.While I am in love with my makeup space, I still have lots of things I want to update! Everything with me is always a work in progress and I am truly never done with a project. My mood and style changes so much! Pretty sure I’m going to be that wife that has to redecorate constantly because I get bored easily…Oh well 😉Hope you enjoyed and I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!– xo Rach


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