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Shopping for our guys can be so tough! If your guy is anything like mine, then we both share the same struggle. They literally never want anything  or they already have everything. I based this gift guide off of things I know my guy likes, wants, or has!

1. Patagonia Pullover: A guy can never have too many pullovers right? He will love this because it’s cozy and he can throw it on with anything.

2. Leather Work Bag:  Every guy in a professional career needs a leather work bag. He will love this for his laptop, iPad, notebooks, and whatever else your guy needs for his job.

3. Dress Shirt: This is a win-win situation for you and your guy. You get to pick out a shirt you’d love to see him in and he doesn’t have to go shopping and pick one out. These Nordstrom slim fit shirts are non-iron and perfect for work or date night!

4. Chukka Boots: Nate has a pair of these and he wears them all the time! They are perfect with jeans for a casual day out or they can be dressed up as well!

5. Watch: Watches with a leather strap and white face is my absolute favorite look for a mens watch. From work to play he will get plenty of use out of it!

6. Phone Case: This is the perfect case for a guy! It’s a stylish upgrade from the classic black case he probably has on his phone. If your guy is getting the new iPhone 7 this is the perfect additional gift.

7. Jack Black: Nate has a ton of Jack Black skin care and he loves it! I don’t think gifting skin care is a great idea unless it’s something he asks for, but I do think it’s a great stocking stuffer!

8. Headphones: If your guy is a frequent traveler or just really loves music, he would love this! These are noise canceling iOS headphones, so he doesn’t have to worry about any distractions while listening to his favorite tunes. Aka us. Maybe this isn’t a good idea.

9. Backpack:  Perfect for the guy in college or frequent traveler! Nate and I will be doing some traveling in the month of December so a backpack like this will come in handy when we are walking around all day!

What do you like to get your guy?

xo | Rachel


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