My Favorite Places

Lately I have been really stressed with school. Between exams, papers, presentations, teaching, and all-nighter study sessions, I feel like I am starting to lose my mind a little bit! However, it wouldn’t be grad school if you didn’t go a little crazy, right?Despite all of this school stress there are ways that I can make the most out of my situation. I mean, I can’t change the fact that I have a lot of homework!I think that when you’re stressed or in a bad place or just even having a bad day it’s important to know your favorite places to go to. Where are you your happiest? Where do you feel most comfortable? Where and when and who you are with are you your best self?Here are a few of my favorite places.|| My Makeup Table ||This space is SO special to me. This space is not yet what I want it to be, but it’s getting there! I cannot wait to show it off when it’s finished, so I don’t want to give too much away right now! I love this space because everything on it explains my personality so well. It’s very girly, organized, and bright. I am really into gold right now so that’s kind of the theme of my table. Sometimes I sit there when I am sad and need a pick me up because I can just sit and stare at how pretty all my lipsticks look in their acrylic organizer. Ugh, it’s the little things okay. This is where I usually sit and write my blogs. 🙂 || Campus Coffee Shop ||I love the campus coffee shop for so many reasons. It has such a great vibe. A lot of other college students go there and it’s usually pretty busy! I usually come here to have coffee and read or write. It’s a nice change of scenery from my office where I usually work. You’d be surprised at how much more productive you are if you worked in an environment that had a vibe that fits your style and personality. I love looking around and seeing bible studies going on, people studying, writing, reading, or just hanging out. It’s a place where everyone can go and they also make a great frothy latte that is totally Instagram worthy. Which is enough of a reason right there to go, right? || Bookstore ||Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite places to go when I’m stressed. I love to read and I wish I had more time so that I could. Most of the time when I go to the bookstore I don’t even end up getting anything. I just like to browse all the different books whether its new releases, best sellers, or lately I have really enjoyed browsing the fashion books. I just love how quiet and relaxing the vibe always is in there! I really have spent all day in there before just walking around. I have quite a long list of books I really want to get as soon as school is over for my summer reading list! || My Bed || Surprise? Yes, I love being in my cozy bed! This is my favorite place to relax. I usually have a glass of moscato and the Cozy Nights candle from Target burning on my nightstand next to me. It smells amazing and is so relaxing! I like to lay in bed and grade papers, study, or binge watch House Hunters all night with Nate while I’m pretty sure we only watch so we can judge how crazy the couples are instead of the actual homes. Guilty.I don’t understand why the wives always have to complain about every single thing? Is it really going to kill you to have to change the carpet to hardwood? Realtor mentions changing the carpet and she starts saying how she can’t handle a home renovation. K stay at home wife. || Saturday Morning Brunch ||My absolute favorite placeSaturday morning brunch isn’t on my list just because it’s Saturday morning brunch. Saturday morning brunch is my favorite place because it’s at a cute little cafe with a long wait, bad parking, sitting by a window across the table from my best friend sipping coffee. His plate is eggs benedict and mine is always something new. We talk about our weeks, our plans for the day, dreams for the future, and he makes some really bad jokes. I look forward to Saturday morning brunch all week long and  it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t with him and at our place. Sometimes your favorite place isn’t a place, but it’s with your favorite person. It’s important to have places. Places you can escape to when your a little stressed or just need a little pick me up. Places that you look forward to weekly that are a part of your routine. Maybe you’re reading think and you don’t think that you have a certain place you retreat to, but think of what comes to mind when you’re having a bad day? Where is it that you want to be?That’s your place.– Rach xo


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