My Top Lip Choices for Spring

I can’t get enough of Spring anything right now! It’s literally all I want to talk about so I am sorry if you are annoyed. Jk. I don’t care if you are annoyed. Today we are talking about lipstick colors appropriate for Spring so grab your venti iced double shot espresso no whip 3 splenda non fat mocha choca latte and get ready for one of my most important blog posts of the Spring season.(this post was written after drinking 3 cups of coffee)Lipstick is important. No. Lipstick is the most important and is serious business that should not be taken lightly. Lipstick is my favorite part of doing my makeup because I think it adds the perfect finishing touch to any look! Think of it as a must have accessory.Here are my favorite lipsticks for Spring as well as a few that I have on my wish list to hopefully add to my collection this year!| 1 | Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids | Pink PopThis shade is my go to to add a perfect pop of color that isn’t too bold for day time wear. I love the consistency of the Maybelline Color Sensational line. They are all so creamy and pigmented and you really can’t beat $7.50 at Ulta. I own probably 15 lipsticks from this line because I love them so much! This shade compliments so many tops that I wear from my blues to mint green.It gives such a pretty contrast! | 2 | Maybelline Color Sensational | Coral Crush This is the perfect muted coral shade. It does have a bit of an orange undertone, but I personally prefer that over something super bright for Spring. I try to keep my Spring lipsticks pretty tame (lol) and save the bright neon shades for Summer. | 3 | Maybelline Color Sensational | Pink Me UpThis shade looks pretty nude in the picture, but it shows up darker on your lips because it has a darker undertone. This is a pretty natural dark pink that looks good for a everyday wear. I wear this a lot during the week when I teach because it is professional looking. I wonder how freaked out my students would be  if I showed up wearing Melted Candy or 5th Ave. Fuchsia. | 4 | Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids | 5th Ave. Fuchsia Ugh, this color is so pretty! It’s bright but it’s dark enough to be appropriate for Spring. It has a purple undertone that tones this vivid color down a bit. I mean, it is bright, but is a great color for Spring! This color is very pigmented and stains so you have to be careful when applying. | 5 | MAC Lipstick | SnobI LOVE matte lipstick. Even in the Spring. I think if you find a good color then the finish doesn’t really matter. I know that matte’s are not as popular in the Spring, but this shade is one of my favorites so i’m going to wear it. I love this because I can wear it with anything. I can wear it with something casual or something dressy. It’s a true neutral pink with no blue or brown undertones, which is why I like it so much! You can’t go wrong with this one. Sometimes I will add a little bit of MAC Lipglass in Angel to give it a more Spring time vibe with the added sparkle. | 6 | Too Faced Melted Lipstick | Melted CandyLast, but definitely not least. This watermelon shade screams Spring and probably Summer, too. This shade is my favorite of them all, but is the hardest to wear. You can’t just throw this color on with anything that you wear, it really has to be planned. In the past I have worn this color with white because that is what makes this color pop the most. I have to keep my eye makeup neutral because this shade stands out so much on the lips. It’s beautiful when it’s worn correctly! The Melted line shades are all very pigmented and stained so you have to be careful when you use them.Just a little bit of this goes a long way! | Wish List |What are some of your favorite shades for Spring?I am always wanting to try new colors!– Rach xo


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