Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

*cue the dramatics*So lets just get one thing straight. I am one of the unlucky few who doesn’t get to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early. I know right? Poor me. Why has this reversal of fortune happened to me? What have I done? Nothing. My boyfriend was just really unreasonable when I asked him to get the Nordstrom credit card. I don’t understand why he said no.#deprivedgirlfriendprobzI’m jk. He’s amazing and i’m not deprived at all.….but he really did say noAnyways, instead of crying about how I can’t shop the sale early, I’m going to put on my positive pants and talk about all of the items that I hope are still in stock when the sale opens up to the public on Friday!My one piece of advice for shopping this sale is: don’t buy nonsense items. aka don’t buy that shirt just because it’s cute. You will get into trouble so fast! Buy the staple items that you know you will be wearing all fall and winter long!Anyways, here are my favorites that I’m hoping I can get my hands on!1 |Cowl Neck Boxy Pullover | $30I want to live in this sweater. Like actually wear it every day. Maybe even sleep in it. It looks so comfy! I love oversized sweaters and at $30 you really can’t go wrong with this one! A neutral colored comfy sweater is a must have in my mind. But then again, what isn’t a must have in my mind?2 |Tory Burch | Ashlyn Riding Boots | $300I have been wanting these boots for as long as I can remember. They are a perfect staple riding boot for Fall! I am so picky when it comes to riding boots because I feel like it’s so hard to find a pair that are exactly what I want. I haven’t had a pair of riding boots for two years now because of this, but these are perfect!I could NEVER justify spending $500 on boots. However, they are on sale for $300 right now and I basically just feel like it’s fate. I need them in my life. I’m saying a few prayers in hopes that these are still available Friday!3| Rebecca Minkoff | Avery Crossbody Bag | $130 Kate Spade has always been my go-to when it’s time for a new bag, but I am loving this Rebecca Minkoff one! This denim shade on the suede material just screams Fall and I couldn’t think of a more perfect bag for the season!4| BP. | Plaid Square Scarf | $18I am not a scarf person. Never have been, but I LOVE the pattern on this one. I’ve seen several girls styling this already and it looks amazing on everyone! It can easily be thrown on with a basic shirt to give it a perfect transition to Fall.5 | Diptyque | Scented Candle Set | $55These candles are amazing and they smell SO good! I can smell these even when they aren’t burning. Even with how small they are, they are fragrant enough to be smelled throughout the room. Personally, I love them the most for decoration purposes. They look so cute styled on a coffee table, bathroom, or makeup table!6 | Hinge Wool Round Crown Hat | $28Wool hats are such a cute finishing touch on Fall outfits. My opinion might be swayed a little by the fact that this means less work I have to do in styling my hair in the mornings, but i’m never disappointed with how cute these make any outfit! 7 | Trouve Faux Leather Leggings| $52Faux leather leggings are my favorite….if worn correctly. I would love to wear the sweater listed here with these leggings and a pair of black boots! I think leather leggings give an edgy twist in dressing up any outfit for Fall.What are your favorite from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?– xo Rach


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