Oh, hey!

I knew starting a blog wasn’t going to be easy. While I have a lengthy list of ideas of what to blog about, I had so many reservations about what I wanted my “first” post to be. I have never been good at making the first move, so this is a bit scary for me. Will you like me? Will I like you? Who knows. But that’s the beauty of new beginnings. Everything is so fresh and exciting! 

My name is Rachel. A very common name for an uncommon girl. I have always wanted to start my own blog, but was too insecure to make the move and just go for it. While I want everyone to love my blog and be able to relate to my posts, this blog is ultimately for me. For a long time I lived my life for other people. I was your ultimate people-pleaser. Ugh, yuck right? Live ya own life! Writing is something I love so much, and find so comforting!

I struggled so hard with choosing a name for this blog. When I say struggle, I literally mean I have been up until 2am every night for the past week thinking about it. I wanted it to say something about myself, while giving you an idea of what my blog would be about, and it had to be original. I chose “The Sass Room” because it tells you right off the bat that I have a sassy personality and the title is not specific. My blog is not specific! It’s not just going to be about fashion and it’s not just going to be my thoughts on life. It’s going to be both and everything inbetween. 

Anyways, I feel like I just rambled for my first blog post. It’s fine. I do what I want. 

See you soon,

– xo Rach


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