Raising the B a r r e

Fitness has always been important to me. Lately I have been trying to make it a part of my daily routine. I’m not trying to lose weight because I’m happy with myself in that aspect, but it has become such a stress reliever. Grad school is hard. I also like to eat a lot of really bad food. Balance.

I’ve never taken a fitness class before, but I have always been interested in it! So why not? I knew Barre was a relatively new type of fitness class and sounded something I would like because it works your whole body. Besides knowing that they use the ballet bar I was pretty clueless.


As soon as we started the workout, I quickly was figuring out scenarios in my head that I could pull to fake an injury and get the heck out of there. We were doing ballet moves. Like she told us to do a plie (I had to google that word cause I didnt even know how to spell it), and I am just like…what.

Here’s some background on my dance experience.

My parents signed me up for ballet when I was a kid. I quit on the first day because I cried over how uncomfortable the shoes were. End of dance experience.

I quickly found my love of sports and realized I was a way better athlete than I would ever be dancer. 

Anyways, while I was plieing and doing other ballet moves that I don’t even remember the names of, I couldnt help but watch myself in the mirror and laugh. I looked so rediculous, but I was feelin the burn.

I got to feel like Tarzan and pretend I was swinging from the trees and even be Troy Bolton from High School Musical for a while. The music was on point. 

After 45 minutes I am pretty sure that I died. I rewarded myself with Taco Bell and crawled to my bed. 

Today? My whole body is acheing. I hurt in places I didnt know could hurt. Looking at the stairs in Fell Hall makes me want to cry. I have too much pride to take the elevator. 

So yeah. Barre was pretty cool, I think i’ll go back.

-xo Rach


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