7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facial Oil

reasons you should be using facial oil

Reasons You Should Be Using Facial Oil

My fellow oily skin girls, I know what you’re thinking. Why is she telling us why we should be putting more oil on our faces when we already have a natural oil slick? This doesn’t apply to me. I can feel the zits popping up just thinking about it. Wrong! I used to think oily skinned girls couldn’t use facial oil, but you can and more importantly you should. I strayed away from the facial oils for the longest time until I educated myself on the benefits. Now I use facial oil everyday. More than once! *gasp*

Dry skin girls if you’re reading this, obviously you’re going to love this because the facial oil is going to give your skin the moisture it needs. So let’s get on with it!

They Hydrate

Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s worth repeating! Two of the most popular facial oils, argan and rosehip, are packed with antioxidants (vitamin E + omega-3’s) that keep your skin flake free and full of hydration that will last you all day long.

They Reduce Wrinkles

If you’ve ever spent time in the sun or a tanning bed without a proper amount of sunscreen, you need to start using a facial oil! The antioxidants in rosehip + argan oil help prevent further aging. It’s an easy step to add to your skincare routine that will have lasting benefits for you skin.

They Prime Your Makeup

Don’t want to invest in a fancy primer? Just put on two drops of facial oil before you apply your foundation and it will go on flawless. This is especially wonderful for dry skin girls because it hydrates those dry patches.

7 reasons why you should be using facial oil

They Calm Redness

Argan + rosehip oils both have anti-inflammatory properties which make them great for reducing redness. I use my Argan in the morning with my foundation, and then I use either rosehip or my Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil to calm redness in the evening. I use rosehip in the morning to calm redness when I don’t plan on wearing makeup that day. It clams the skin is less than 5 minutes!

They Give You a Healthy Glow

Yes oily girls, you too can have glowing skin! I personally like to add a drop of oil to my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation before I apply it because it makes it less thick + it gives my skin a subtle glow! Who knew oily skinned girls could “glow” without looking like they slathered a jar of crisco on their face? Don’t overdo it with the oil though, you really only need 1 drop if you are adding to to foundation, and 2 max if you are wearing it alone.

They Protect Your Skin

Facial oils provide a barrier on the outer layer of your skin which helps to protect against harmful pollutants in the air, plus they keep the moisture in! For oily girls, I never notice my skin getting more oily throughout the day since starting to use this product. My skin stays glowing and healthy looking all day. I’m not someone who ever gets compliments on their skin, but since I started using facial oil with my foundation I have had a lot more people comment on how great my skin looks.

They Can Be Used For More Than Your Face

Argan or rosehip oil works great on cuticles! My cuticles get so dry in the winter and a couple drops of this stuff gives them the hydration they need. I also will use 3-4 drops and run my fingers through my hair for added shine. It works wonders! No need for extra nail care or hair products here.

Because i’m sure many of you are wondering by now, neither Argan or rosehip oil will clog your pores. They are 100% safe and natural products for your skin. I was leery of this happening when I first tried but was pleasantly surprised that neither oil has given my skin any bad side affects.

The Facial Oils I Recommend

My two favorite oils right now are the Josie Maran 100% Pure Light Argan Oil and the Aria Starr Rosehip Oil. The Josie Maran oil works great when mixed with foundation on your skin because it is so light and blends in easily. If I use Rosehip oil I put it on before my foundation because it doesn’t mix as well with my foundation. I still get the same results, just two different ways of applying it!

If you’re new to facial oil, I recommend starting with the rosehip oil, it’s $13 for a huge bottle that will seriously last you forever! Also, if dark spots is something you’re struggling with, the rosehip oil is for you. Results don’t come overnight but overtime you will notice a difference. You can get the little bottle of Josie Maran for $16 but it won’t last you near as long. It’s a great option though, as Josie Maran is most famous for her facial oil!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
xo, Rach




  1. March 16, 2018 / 10:57 am

    Rosehip oil is my FAVE! I completely agree with every point in this post. I haven’t tried that brand of oil yet so I am def adding it to my list! Thanks for sharing girl & happy Friday! xx Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

  2. March 16, 2018 / 11:10 am

    OMG thats definitely something I need to check out!!! I cant believe I havent tried this brand. Thanks for the recommendations!! Thanks for sharing #SC // http://www.dafwejebe.com

    Hugs babe!

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