Spring Street Style

[ Denim Jacket: Sunset & Spring Embellished Denim Jacket ] [ Leggings: Lou & Grey Essential Legging ]

Spring Street Style

I’ve never really gotten into “street style”, but when I found this pearl embellished denim jacket from Bloomingdales I was like ok this is my kind of street style. I always thought street style was a grunge type of look, which has never been my style, but throw some pearls on a grunge-y distressed denim jacket and it’s a whole new ball game for this girl!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a Spring staple for me, so get used to seeing this beauty! It’s comfortable + so easy to throw on for a casual weekend doing really anything! This denim jacket is a splurge, but totally worth it. I mean, how many pearl embellished denim jackets have you seen on the streets? Pearls are super trendy right now, but I’ve seen them mostly on sweaters and jeans, so this is definitely a different way to wear the trend aside from what everyone else is doing. Hope you guys enjoy my version of Spring Street Style!

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xo Rach



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