The Denim Fall Staple You Need: Under $35!


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 Ugh, Fall is so close! My Fall wardrobe isn’t near being ready, but I’m getting there! One key piece I have been searching everywhere for is the perfect denim dress. I went without one last year because I couldn’t find one I liked enough! However, I finally found one this year, and of all places at Old Navy! I love the dark color of this dress, but it is also so comfortable and fits me perfectly. Old Navy has a wide range of sizes and I ended up going with a Tall Petite Small. I know I’m not tall at all, but I have long legs! I tried a Regular Small and it just didn’t look right at all. Props to Old Navy for their wide range of sizes! I’m so happy that this one fits my body so perfectly. It’s hard to find those pieces that you not only love, but you love seeing yourself in. Also, can we talk about how I got this dress for less than $30?! Old Navy is always running a great sale! ….Which they are right now, so gotta go! 

I hope you all are finding some amazing Fall pieces!

– xo Rach



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