Things I (literally) can't live without

When I say I literally can’t live without these things, I mean it, because i’ve tried and was unsuccessful. 

1) My Kate Spade Planner

Yes. It has to be Kate Spade. It’s the perfect size, cute, and it’s durable. I used to be a Lily Pulitzer girl, but i’ve graduated. My Kate Spade is more sophisticated and makes me feel like an adult. Judge. Me. My days are much more organized and productive because of my planner. I still don’t have my shit together, but having a planner makes me feel like I do. #adultlife

2) Starbucks

Say what you want about this, but I’m not ashamed. I’ve tried coffee from about every major coffee chain and nothing beats good ol Starbs. I may be a poor starving grad student, but I will NEVER give up my luxury of having a fancy cup of coffee everyday. I will give up eating before I give up my coffee. Plus you can now order and pay for your drink from your Starbucks app. Which means all you have to do is run in to Starbucks, grab your drink, and leave. No wait time. If hearing this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, we cant be friends. 

3) Social Media

I want to be connected and in the know at all times. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, I got it all and I check it multiple times a day. That’s all I really have to say about that. You probably can’t live without it either.

4) My Favorite Hat

When I wake up, my hair is not cute. My hair is on another level of bedhead. Now that I cut it off short, it’s even worse. It does this really cute like afro thing, and I usually find like 6 bobby pins in it throughout the day. There’s no point in even trying to brush it because i’ve broken multiple brushes because they get stuck in my lions mane of hair. You’ll catch me wearing a hat at least twice a week. 

5) My Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Tote

If you can’t tell, I have a lot of Kate Spade. That style behind the brand is everything I wish mine was. This bag is huge, and I needed it. I practically made a powerpoint presentation to show my parents every reason why I needed to have this bag. (It was a graduation gift). It fits my books, my laptop, my planner, my lunch, my dinner, and my workout clothes. When you are on campus from 10-10 almost everyday, you need a bag that can hold your life. It was an investment, but a good one. 

6) Diet Coke

Ugh. Aspartame never tasted so good. Hook me up to that Diet Coke IV and let me live my life.

Yes I do realize everything I just listed is pretty much the epitome of “basic white girl” 

-xo Rach


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