3 Steps to a Functional + Chic Nightstand

3 steps functional chic nightstand

DIY: 3 Steps to a Functional and Chic Nightstand

Ya know, I was thinking recently about how psycho I’ve become about having the perfect nightstand. I never used to be like that! Honestly, why does it even matter? It’s a nightstand, and I used to never care what it looked like. It’s somewhere to set your phone, your glass of tea, and your leftover pizza at the end of the night. Done. However, the more I thought about it, I realized I wasn’t utilizing the space properly, and you probably aren’t either! I’m trying really hard to live an organized life. 

When I get home, it’s pajamas and dinner time for me. Then I get in bed and work and watch TV. I would get up so many times during the evening to grab something I needed. I thought, if I just had these items on my nightstand already, that would be so convenient! This makes me sound lazy but I promise I’m not! I started thinking about how I could utilize this space to make it functional and more chic. Then wa-la! This is what I got. I love it. It’s functional + it saves me time in the evening. Plus, I enjoy waking up to it looking so pretty + organized! These are the things that get me excited. Is that sad? Is this adulting? Anyways, I hope this post will give you guys some ideas about how to utilize your nightstand a little more + a little chic inspo!

1) Repurpose Old Furniture

Nothing makes a space more chic than re-purposed furniture. We took our old oak set, sanded it down, painted it white, and put new knobs on it. I love how it turned out, and it was dirt cheap to do! Looks brand new doesn’t it? If I was decorating a bachelorette pad, I absolutely would have painted them pink. 😉

2) Add the Things That Make Your Life Easier

I used to get up so much in the evening to go in my bathroom and grab random things I needed. I realized I could save so much time if I just had them on my nightstand already! My most used items are my body lotion, facial oil, and retinol serum. I use these every night and it’s so nice to just reach over and grab them. I also put a little ring dish on my tray that Nathan’s grandma made for me. Guys, she is blind and she makes the most incredible pottery! It’s such a special piece i’ll always be grateful for.

Ideas: Add night time skincare products, jewelry tray, coaster, reading glasses, tray to hold your trinkets!

3) Make it Chic with Pieces That Make You Happy

It’s no secret that pink peonies are my favorite flower. Since they are expensive to have fresh year around, I settled for a pretty faux arrangement. They look so pretty and it makes me happy to wake up and see them sitting there. I also added a tray I found from Kirkland’s to hold all of my trinkets. It makes it look more organized and put together! Lastly, I added a photo one of my best friends got me as an engagement gift. It was so thoughtful and is the perfect finishing touch on my nightstand. A memorable photo is a great thing to put on your nightstand. It’s an automatic mood booster when you get to wake up to remembering a moment you don’t want to forget.

Ideas: Add fresh flowers, your favorite candle, cute coffee table books, or a quote!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! A nightstand is a really important piece of furniture, make sure you are utilizing it to the fullest!
xo, Rach



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