Tips for Spring Layering

Tips for Spring Layering

tips for spring layering

Happy Monday, friends! I feel like we are in that awkward phase between Winter and Spring where you just aren’t really sure what to wear everyday. It’s freezing in the morning, but then its 50 degrees and sunny by noon, so you layer! I figured today would be a great day to talk about some Spring layering!

I wanted to do this differently than how we normally think to layer before we go out. You know, t-shirt and a jacket or tanks and sweaters. Easy + typical. I’ve recently been playing with the idea of layering sweaters/tees over dresses and i’m loving the result! I love how I am getting even more use out of basic pieces in my closet. However it can be intimidating + hard if you aren’t really sure what you can and can’t pair. Check out a few of my tips below for Spring layering!

Spring Layering Tips:

  • Simple basics! I feel like every girl has a basic swing dress or a simple solid/striped tee. Start with that + even pair them together.
  • Coordinate colors. Grab one of your basic dresses and find a coordinating tee or sweater in your closet where the colors go together. I paired my simple cap sleeve grey dress + put my pastel pink sweater on over it. The pastel pink basic sweater totally changed the look if this basic dress + instantly made it Spring appropriate! If you have like a black and white striped dress, find a top in your closet that has black or white in it and throw it on over and see how it looks. You’ll be surprised at how well it goes together.
  • Knot your tees + sweaters. This isn’t something you have to do, but I do think it looks better and less bulky! I like to knot my sweaters and tees because it cinches at my waist and gives me a little shape I wouldn’t otherwise have with the swing dress. It looked a little bulky on me before I knotted it. It’s also just cute……
  • If you’re feeling adventurous… pair patterns! I love the idea of pairing like a floral dress with a coordinating striped top or sweater over it. If you have at least one of the same colors in each piece, it really does work.
  • Avoid busy tops/sweaters/dresses. Florals can work, if there aren’t 10 different colors in the piece. Trying to pair together pieces with too much going on won’t look right when you try to layer them. Just stick to a few colors that compliment one another!


How do you feel about this twist on traditional Spring layering?
xo, Rach



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