Valentine's Day

Ohhhh Valentine’s Day. The day that so many love and so many love to hate. For the past couple weeks my Facebook and Twitter timelines have been filled with pictures and videos of these elaborate Valentine’s Day gifts and showey type surprises with captions like “I would die if someone did this for me” or ,”This is all I want for Valentines Day”. Mind you it’s a 4 picture collage with chocolate covered strawberries, 500 roses, a 5 carat engagement ring, and a puppy. Oh is that all you want? 

First of all, if you are in a relationship and doing these things then I feel kind of sorry for you. If you are single and doing these things then I equally feel sorry for you. If you have a significant other and you are posting and reposting this nonsense, like I don’t know if you could be anymore obvious! OH, and for those of you in that new categoriy of “dating”, the situationship?  Sounds legit. Not. I don’t feel sorry for you. Get commitment or get out. Don’t even bother retweeting the puppy balloon pic. Come on now. 

That’s not the point, though. If you want to repost pictures of someones home covered in roses or a puppy tied to a balloon then that’s your business and i’ll stop judging you now.

What I’m saying is. Is that the point of Valentine’s Day? To expect your significant other to put on some big production or buy you some expensive gift to prove their love for you? Is that what love means now? I’m not saying it’s wrong to do these things at all, it’s the expectation that’s wrong. Expectation ruins everything.

Also, why do these romantic gestures only happen 1 day out of the year? This is probably why so many girls want that BIG production and gift. Because they know they get only that one day out of the year to feel special, so they want to get as much out of it as they can. Isn’t that really sad? 

I was talking with one of my friends the other day about Valentine’s Day and what we wanted out of it. While we joked about wishing for something like a puppy (but like I wouldn’t be mad) really all we wanted was to just spend time with our significant others. We got a little deeper and talked more about why this was all we wanted. To be honest, we are blessed with men in our life who make everyday feel like Valentines Day. AWWWWWW. DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t an excuse for me to brag so don’t get it twisted.

You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel special every single day. Everyday doesn’t have to be filled with flowers, gifts, etc. but it’s the little things that mean the most. Like maybe making you breakfast, getting you your favorite coffee, carrying your bags, opening the door, a sweet text/phone call, or maybe they get you something just because they were thinking of you and knew you would like it. It’s as simple as flowers on occassion or treating you to doing something fun together. Those things should happen more than just 1 day out of the year, and it should work both ways. One person shouldn’t be doing all the giving. 

So if you’re looking forward to Valentines Day for your one day of the year to feel special, then yikes. Maybe you should do some re-evaluating. 

Hope I don’t cause any breakups.

-xo Rach


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