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Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony This is what I like to call my “everything” bag. Being a busy lady on the go constantly I needed a bag that I could fit everything I would need for a whole day out. I researched bags for a long time before finally settling on this one, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Best graduation gift ever.Also, my bag is currently on sale!Click on the bag for a direct link.Here’s what’s in my bag and why I love it so much!1. My PlannerI don’t go anywhere without my planner, and if it is ever missing from me I am usually walking around like a lost puppy not knowing what to do with myself. I write every single thing down, because if I don’t I will definitely forget. It’s full of assignments, appointment reminders, lesson plans, random notes. Basically my whole life is in it. It’s in there whether i’m going to school or not.2. My MacbookOkay this isn’t always in my bag, but 5 days a week it is! It fits perfectly and I know that it’s safe. My Macbook is just as important as my planner because without it, how would I write or do my homework?! The thought of not having my Macbook gives me so much anxiety that I just can’t even.3. A Water BottleGotta stay hydrated, am I right?! *awkward silence* I always carry a water bottle with me because I am trying really hard not to drink soda. It’s not really working, but I’m trying so that counts for something. I recently got the CUTEST water bottle that I definitely did not need. I have an obsession with the gold polka dot Kate Spade kitchen collection so everything I have been buying for the kitchen has been from the collection or at least matches it. So naturally, I saw this gold sparkley polka water bottle at a boutique in uptown and slapped that baby on the counter so fast because I just had to have it. 4. Mini PerfumeSince I am gone for so long everyday I like to carry mini perfumes with me just in case I need to refresh! No one wants to be around someone who stinks. Right now I am loving the VS Eau So Sexy. It’s such a pretty floral scent for everyday! Carrying the mini versions is so much easier than the full size because they fit perfectly inside the pockets!5. Hand LotionMy hands are literally dryer than the Sahara desert. I use the Vaseline Total Moisture brand because I am that dry. It’s not cute at all. Can’t be without this stuff!6. Lip Gloss/LipstickI usually throw in my bag whatever lip product I am wearing that day so that I can touch it up. Nothing bothers me more than seeing someone with their lipstick half on. Ugh! touch it up girl!7. LunchI am always throwing little baggies of food into my bag to eat throughout the day. I get really really hangry and am so unpleasant to be around if I don’t have food. I have a lunch bag, but I prefer to just throw everything in one bag! I’m not going to carry more than one bag unless I absolutely have to. 8. Gym ClothesI am not super consistent lately with going to the gym, but when I do go I can easily throw a change of clothes in my bag! No need for a separate gym bag here.I know you are probably thinking, “there is absolutely no way she fits all of that in her bag”, but I really do! I can still usually zip the bag up and carry it comfortably throughout the day. This bag is amazing quality and still looks like it’s in perfect condition even after having it for a year now. The material the bag is made of is crosshatched leather so it’s super easy to clean. If there’s a spot on it I just take a rag with warm water and gently scrub it and it comesright off without harming the material.I will always always recommend this bag and everyone that I know who has this one absolutely loves it!Do you have an “everything” bag that you love? – Rach xo


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