What’s In My Beauty Bag

It’s no secret that I am a girly girl and I almost love makeup more than I love fashion. I’m a firm believer that pink lipstick is always in season and you can never have too much winged liner. Okay..maybe you can, but still!

I think that makeup is the perfect way to “accessorize” any look. For me, it’s first all about the outfit and my makeup is there to just highlight what I’m wearing even more. Makeup shouldn’t be worn to give you confidence, it should be there to accentuate it. 😉 I hope this page helps you all get an of what my daily beauty routine is like!


These products help my skin stay hydrated during these brisk Chicago months! Here is my favorite mask I use in the evenings sometimes when I am experiencing a breakout.


I prefer to keep my makeup simple and soft most days!

Hair Styling

These are my most used hair products for curly, straight, and blowout!