Whole30: Week 1

Alright guys, Whole30 is no joke. Don’t even think about trying this program out for fun. It’s not fun. I should be drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and eating my weight in caramel apples right now, but am I doing that? No. Just chillin here with my plain baked potato.I’m not even being overdramatic. Here’s my daily log of my Whole30 week 1!

Day 1: I woke up with the worst headache. I hadn’t even started yet! I think I  must have been severely stressed in my dreams or something! First, this day wasn’t off to a good start because I wasn’t able to stop at Starbucks and get my normal drink with cream and sugar in it. I skipped coffee. Big mistake. I was in a terrible mood all day. To make it even better? I ate a boring piece of chicken for lunch. Day 1 was just not good!

Day 2: I tired to be a little more prepared today. I woke up with the worst hangover like feeling i’ve ever felt in my life. I had 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast with hot sauce. It was so good! I eat this all the time though, so I was happy it’s Whole30 compliant. I had a Whole30 approved seasoned piece of chicken and some veggies for lunch. It was decent. For dinner I had a sweet potato and shrimp, it was pretty good! I was still in a terrible mood because once again I didn’t have coffee. Also, I can’t get full! I feel like I eat and eat and eat and I don’t get filled up. Not to mention I was ready for bed by about 4…in the afternoon.

Day 3: I felt surprisingly not terrible today. I got a lot of sleep so I think that helped. I woke up and ate my same breakfast, same lunch, same dinner, and my mood was a little better today. I tried plain black iced coffee, it was so bad but I sucked down half of it cause I just needed coffee that bad!

Day 4: Today was terrible because it was Saturday. Saturdays are the days that Nate and I religiously go to Dairy Queen and get blizzards. We rarely miss a Saturday of doing this! Not to mention it was Football Saturday. I didn’t even get to eat sports watching food. Instead, I had a salad from Panera with literally nothing on it. It tasted like dirt! I ate the avocado pieces out of it, though! Nathan sat on the couch and ate a sandwich and drank a Dr. Pepper. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. That really made me mad. My mood swings today were just bad.

Day 5: Today was Football Sunday, so I was around delicious game day food and couldn’t eat much of it. Do you know how depressing that is? To be surrounded by loaded potato nachos and not be able to eat it? I sat there with a bowl of grapes and carrots and watched the game. On the upside, my mood was better! I am starting to have really vivid dreams. I woke up really early crying because I had a terrible dream that Nathan cheated on me. I hope that phase passes quickly!

Day 6: I had to start eating more today. I am not eating 4 egg for breakfast, larger piece of chicken for lunch with veggies and fruit. I may eat a Larabar for a snack in-between lunch and dinner. For dinner I eat a piece of steak and a potato and maybe more fruit for a snack. Right now, my cravings are bad. I constantly want ice cream, a latte, and to be able to go out to eat. The fact that I’m craving “eating out” just screams how bad of a relationship I have with food. There isn’t just one thing that I miss, I just doing doing it.

Day 7: I can’t believe I’ve made it 7 days. I am now drinking black coffee regularly. I don’t like it, but I can tolerate it for now. There’s a local coffee shop on campus that has great quality coffee, so that really helps! I still have no energy, so I can’t go to the gym. It would just completely wipe me out. I am also experiencing some digestion issues. The books talks about this and says its common because your body is detoxing. Getting used to eating the food is starting to get easier, but I still have my cravings. Today it was Pop Tarts. Everyone keeps eating them in front of me. That is just so rude.1 week down, just a few more to go! 

Thank you for all of the support and kind words I have received lately!

– xo Rach


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