Why I’m Doing Whole30

I have been interested in the idea of doing Whole30 for a while now, but I could just never pull the trigger to actually go through with it. I read all these stories about how amazing it was and how people allover have totally changed the way they view food and their lives after the challenge. With so many “diets” out there, it’s hard to distinguish the ones that are real vs. the ones that aren’t. However, recently a friend of mine did Whole30 and she has had amazing results! All confirming the claims that I thought were lies. It’s much easier to decide on doing something when you see someone else go through it and have positive results!I want to be clear about why I am doing Whole30. The goal for me is not to lose weight or to live the rest of my life completely restricted. I simply just want to feel better about myself.

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I stress eat, I eat a lot of fast food, and in general I just don’t make good food choices. I am tired all the time, my skin has been breaking out, and I just. don’t. feel good. I have been struggling lately so much with my self-esteem, and I am hoping that gaining control over the way I eat, will help me get back in control of my life. No I don’t think that Whole30 is magically going to give me my confidence back, but it’s a step in the right direction. Gaining control over one area of your life will help you do the same in other areas. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been struggling; it’s time for me to be honest with myself and start making the changes towards a healthier better me. While I said the goal is not for me to lose weight, I hope I do see some changes in my body at the end. I do not at all think I am overweight but I do think I have some little things to work on. Therefore, I am going to incorporate working out in addition to my healthy eating plan.

I am anxious to see how my body reacts to cutting out all of the awful foods that I eat on a regular basis. On a normal day I drink a lot of coffee with cream and sugar, diet coke, maybe stop somewhere to get food, and fix whatever is in the fridge for dinner. The idea of me not being to have these things for 30 days literally makes me cringe. I’ll be giving weekly updates with how I’m feeling daily, what I am eating, and my workout routines as well! I hope you follow my journey!When you are making a major life change, make sure you are doing it for you and no one else. Most people have told me that Whole30 is absolutely silly and there’s no point in me doing it. Yes, that is so hard to hear, but you can’t let others hold you back from bettering yourself! Who knows? Maybe they are right! But I want to find out for myself. The decision is mine to make! That feels good. I am doing this by myself, for myself.

Bring it, Whole30.(I’m way too confident right now and it’s going to hit me so hard in the morning)

– xo Rach


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