For my curly haired gals

I have had several people tell me posts they would like me to do, and one of them is my hair routine! So naturally, you ask, I deliver.

I feel like all of you are expecting some really elaborate step by step process that I spend hours working on every morning to make my curly locks look flawless, but no, that’s not real. because I’m lazy.

My hair naturally is a mix of waves and curls. It’s really not cute at all. Like imagine a wet poodle. That’s me. I’ve tried just about every product on the market to tame my curls and always ended up disappointed. All of you curly haired girls know what I mean. Having curly hair is really..really complicated, but fun (when you aren’t getting hairbrushes stuck or loosing bobby pins in your curly tangled tresses).

Finally, I discovered the DevaCurl line. I haven’t tried many of their products, but I definitely plan to. Here’s what I’m currently using!

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel | Sephora | $20 12oz.

The whole line is paraben and sulfate free. It also doesn’t use alcohol so it won’t dry out your hair. It’s so important for your hair to be moisturized so your curls don’t look frizzy. That isn’t a good look.

I like this product because it’s a gel that isn’t sticky and isn’t crunchy. It makes my curls shiny, smells AMAZING, and gives them the shape they should have!

After I shower, I squeeze a quarter size amount into my hand and scrunch it into my hair. Sometimes I blow dry it and sometimes I don’t. I’ve noticed I get a lot more volume if I blow dry it! My curls hold all day and that’s important.

If you are holding back from trying this product because of the price, then I’m guessing you have something you already enjoy or you haven’t tried enough products that have failed on your hair. If you are looking for a good quality product to give your curls shape and last all day, then I would highly recommend this product! Good hair products can be expensive, but it’s an investment that’s totally worth it! Think of all the money you have probably spent on trying cheap products…why continue to do that when you can just invest in one good product that works?

If you have tried this product, or some of their other products, let me know what you think!

-xo Rach


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