May Favorites

May Favorites

Hi friends! I can’t because we are to end of May! It seems like just yesterday it was still snowing and now all of the sudden Summer is almost here! It’s like Chicago didn’t even see a Spring this year. I’m really excited about a new series I’m starting on my blog. So many bloggers do this monthly favorites posts and I think it’s a great way to incorporate the less glamorous things we all love. You know, things like cheeto puffs + murder mystery books. *GlAmOrOuS* Of course, there will still be some fashion + beauty thrown in from month to month 😉

I hope you guys enjoy my first favorites post!

My Favorites

  • Favorite Food: Trader Joes Salted Caramel Gelato. It’s not even okay how good this is. I picked it up on a whim in Trader Joe’s one night when we were craving something sweet and the rest is history. I can seriously eat the entire container in one sitting, the stomach ache is worth it! I also refuse to look at the nutrition facts. If you’re a lover of salted caramel, you will die for this stuff!
  • Favorite Beauty Find: Bareminerals BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid FoundationI have stayed pretty true to my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because I love the coverage, but I hate how thick it is. I used to love the IT Cosmetics CC+ cream, but I realized many of my breakouts were coming from the ingredients in it so I had to stop using it. I picked up the Bareminerals foundation on a whim in Sephora because I was in the mood to try something new, and I am so glad I did! I immediately put it on when I got home and was so impressed. It has the lightweight feeling of a CC or BB cream, with the coverage of Estee Lauder Double Wear. It covers my blemishes, redness, and it is so comfortable and breathable all day! Plus it does look cakey at all. Super happy with it! I talked about it a little bit on my “beauty” tab of my instagram stories if you want to see it on me. One more thing! The shade range is amazing.
  • Favorite Activity: My Herb Garden: Do you guys have herb gardens? Nathan just built me one and I have had so much fun planting the herbs in it. I’m doing cilantro, rosemary, oregano, parsley and basil. Nothing has grown yet, but it’s fun to check on it everyday. Nathan calls me the flower killer, so I don’t know, we will see how this goes.
  • Favorite Restaurant: RPM Italian. This will absolutely change every month. Nathan and I are always trying new restaurants in the city. In Decatur we didn’t have the luxury of having hundreds of restaurants around us so its been fun these past two years to try so many foods we’ve never even had before. Right now we are raving about RPM Italian. You might have seen my Instragram post after we ate there where I was basically in a pasta coma, it was to die for. I had never had homemade pasta in a restaurant and it’s life changing. We highly recommend the Truffled Garlic Bread, Chicken Parmesan, and Spicy King Crab Pasta. The Spicy King Crab Pasta was our absolute favorite! Our eyes may or may not have rolled in the back of our heads. We also tried Malbec wine for the first time, and loved it! I personally love red wine and found it to be a more mellow version of a Cabernet. If you ever visit Chicago, I would highly recommend going here!
  • Favorite Blog Post: How to Not Care What Others Think: Brighton The Day is one of my favorite blogs. I love Brighton’s honesty and realness, plus it’s so refreshing to read a blog that isn’t just trying to sell you the clothes they are wearing 24/7. Her posts are so helpful! I love this recent one by her because I know I have struggled my whole life with caring too much about what others think. It can get so consuming that it can be easy to lose a sense of yourself. Definitely worth the read!


Your Favorites:

What have been some of your May favorite things?
xo, Rach


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