Must Have List for Spring: Men's Edition

I am not going to pretend like I know all about mens fashion because, duh, I am a woman, but I have done my research and I know what I personally would like to see more men wearing this Spring. Time to put away the baggy jeans and hoodies and put in some effort for the warmer weather. I am all about seeing my man in a classy outfit. I think the ladies will be with me on this one. Click on the pictures for direct links of where you can buy these pieces!I have picked all of these pieces because they are versatile. They are pricey, yes, but you can wear all of these so many different ways that it is worth the money. Casual or dressy. Enjoy gents (and ladies/men who have to shop for the men in their lives). Must have #1. A classy gingham shirt with some color. I searched far a wide for a shirt like this. Too many gingham shirts are standard boring colors like navy and white, black and red, etc. I love this shirt because it’s bright! This might scare some of you guys off, but trust me, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Wear by itself with a skinny navy blue tie for work, or keep it casual by pairing it with a crewneck sweater. Camden Fit Non-Iron Pink Gingham Shirt |Banana Republic | $79.50Must Have #2. A classic cotton cashmere half-zip sweater. I never see guys wearing these and it makes me sad. Pinterest is full of crewnecks and vnecks, but I would love to see more of these. I know most guys like to dress super casual and this zip up is the perfect way to stay casual while doing it in a classy clean way. Plus, this is cashmere, so you know it’s going to be comfortable. If the above shirt scared you away, you can pair it with one of these to make it more casual. I love the grey because it will be versatile and you can pair it with a lot of shirts you probably already have!Slim Cotton-Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater | J.Crew | $85 Must Have #3. A chambray shirt. Alright guys, I know what you’re thinking “Chambray shirts are for women only.”  No, no, no! A chambray shirt should be a staple for men and women. They are a go-to! Don’t know what to wear? Throw on your chambray shirt. I wear mine all the time and I can wear it so many different ways. You can pair this shirt with the above cashmere grey zip up for example! Would also look good with dark wash or white jeans. Yes, I said white jeans. Not a typo.Band Collar Shirt in Dark Chambray | J.Crew | $88 Must Have #4. Cotton Blazer. Now I understand why I never see guys wearing blazers. They are ridiculously expensive! $300+? Yikes! Someone told me I wouldn’t be able to find an affordable blazer that would still look like a million bucks. Challenge accepted! and I think I delivered. The typical blazer color is navy blue, which is what I see a lot of on Pinterest, but what about a blueish grey color?! This one I picked out is so perfect for Spring. Pair this with that gingham or chambray shirt and you are set. Tailored Slim-Fit Linen/Cotton Blazer | Banana Republic Factory | $152.99Must Have #5. New cologne. This one smells SO good. I don’t know a whole lot about mens cologne, but I really like this new one from Dior! It’s fresh and perfect for Spring. I did some research and it also won an Allure Best of Beauty award and has been rated #1 by several mens magazines. Also, Johnny Depp endorses this product, so you’re welcome.Sauvage | Dior | 2oz | $72Must Have #6. Sleek new watch. I recently discovered the MVMT watches and I am in love! This one is particularly my favorite because of the natural leather and rose gold combination. A perfect accessory for Spring and can be worn with just about anything! They are also very customizeable so you can get exactly what you want for a very affordable price! Who doesn’t love that? Currently sold out, but will be returning very soon! Worth the wait if you ask me. The 40/Rose Gold Natural Leather | MVMT Watches | $120Must Have #7. Moisturizer with sunscreen. Sounds kind of odd to put sunscreen on a must have list, but more men need to start using this everyday! With the sun being out longer and it beginning to warm up, guys need to take care of their skin and protect it. Women have the benefit of being able to buy makeup products with sunscreen built into it. I love this line of products for men, so I know this moisturizer is great! Perfect for everyday because it’s not greasy or thick. Protects against UVA/UVB rays and is oil, paraben, and sulfate free.Double-Duty Face Moisturizer | Jack Black | $28 | SephoraMust Have #8. Canvas sneakers. Guys, it’s time to put away the boat shoes. They are overdone and we get it, you’re in a frat. I love these casual sneaks because they are going to be comfortable and great for everyday wear. These come with laces, so if you don’t like the no lace look all you have to do is add them in!Salt-Washed Twill Striper CVO Sneaker | Sperry | Von Maur | $60Must Have #9. Clarks Desert Boots. Honestly, I don’t see any guys wearing these, and this might be a stretch for a lot of you. You might be turning your nose up looking at them, but they really do look so good. Just try to give them a chance! They are casual and comfortable and literally go with anything for Spring and Summer. I am a fan of these suede ones, but they also come in leather and canvas styles. Men’s Desert Boot |Clarks | $130Must Have #10. Fun patterned socks. Another thing guys can put away, Nike Elite socks. I used to make fun of my boyfriend for wearing patterned socks sll the time, but I have come to love them so much! They are so fun and should be an essential in every guys wardrobe. Time to get out of your comfort zones and try new things, guys! | 3 Pair Value Pack | $30Just a few other little things that I consider “musts” for guys for Spring are to get a nice new clean haircut and clean up that facial if you have it! Time to do away with that Winter ruggedness and clean it up for the new season. Enjoy!– Rach x


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