New Makeup Brushes I am Loving

I am all about investing in a nice set of makeup brushes. What’s the point of investing in quality makeup if you aren’t going to do the same with your brushes?! I have tried a lot of different brands and my favorite by far is Morphe. They are quality brushes at an affordable price. Plus, they literally have a brush for anything you could possibly need. Here are some new ones that I recently picked up and am LOVING.(from left to right)(E38, E22, E49, E48)Morphe | E38 | Eyeliner Brush | $4I simply picked this brush up because I was tired of the brush that my Maybelline gel liner came with. It sucks. This one? Perfect. I have never been the greatest at doing gel liner, but this brush makes it so easy and it gets the job done in half the time. The fact that this brush is angled makes for a much easier application. Morphe | E22 | Pointed Blender | $7This brush is SO soft and fluffy. I don’t use this to apply color onto my eyelids, as it’s meant more for blending. Lately I have been using this when I put a darker color in my crease that I want to blend with the lighter colors on my lid. The brush I was using before to do this would irriate my eyes, but this one has soft synthetic bristles and I have had no issues!Morphe | E49 | Flat Pointed Powder| $10I love this brush to apply my yellow correcting powder underneath my eyes. I have the worst dark circles!  It’s soft (all of these are soft), and distributes the perfect amount of prodcut under my eyes without looking to powdery or cakey? Does that make sense? It is small and firm so it really pushes the product into my skin. Win.Morphe | E48 | Mini Pointed Powder | $10I needed a good contouring brush that would work well especially under my cheekbones and didn’t want to spend the money on the Nars brush because eeeeek, that grad school budget doesn’t allow for an $80 makeup brush. This one has been working perfectly! I use it not just under my cheekbones but also on my nose, forehead, and jawline. It’s pointed enough to perfectly contour under my cheekbone while being fluffy enough to contour the other areas of my face. This is a steal compared to the other brush. I still would like to have the Nars brush, but this will serve as a good dupe until I can get my hands on it. I love these brushes because of the quality and affordability. They have a wide range to choose from, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. I have yet to be disappointed with one of their products! Having great brushes makes doing your makeup 10x more fun in my opinion! Next I am wanting to try out their eyeshadow palettes, I have heard nothing but great things! Have you tried this brand? What do you guys think?– Rach x


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