Valentines Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts

1) Ring 2) Perfume 3) Truffles 4) Pumps 5) Clutch 6) Sunglasses 7) Lipgloss Set 8) Bath Soak 9) Eye Mask 10) Candle

Valentines Gifts

Post two for my Valentines themed week are Valentines gifts! I feel like Valentines Day is a hard holiday to buy gifts for because the range of what people do is so different. I just want to say it’s completely okay to keep your Valentines Day simple + casual. Thats what Nathan and I did our first year of dating! We got each other small gifts + made dinner at home. It was perfect and I loved it! This year we just wanted to change it up a bit by going to a nice dinner, but still keeping gifts small. Part of the beauty of the holiday is really making it what you want, there is no standard!

I also just want to say that there is nothing wrong with doing the traditional flowers and chocolates. If thats what you love then by all means do it! I personally just think the markup on flowers is ridiculous for the holiday and don’t want Nathan to feel like he has to pay triple for a bouquet of roses just because its Valentines Day.

I included a range of prices for todays post to fit everyones budget.     There’s no threshold on what is expected to be spent on Valentines Day, so I included something fun starting at $12 up to $375! You can find a special gift at any price. I’m personally swooning over the sunglasses + fuzzy pumps!

Nathan and I are keeping gifts in the $20 range this Valentines Day, just because! We spoil each other periodically throughout the year and plenty on other holidays, so we are just keeping this holiday small!

What’s on your Valentines day gift wish list?
xo Rach


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